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Debbie Storey, REALTOR supports our Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, First Responders, United States Military and Medical Field men & women.  She appreciate your service and dedication to the safety of our Nation.

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The DownTown Cyber Real Estate section will provide some insight into some areas in the State of California and primarily in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado Counties.


  Sacramento Area - Facts & Things TO DO  

Sacramento is the Capitol City of California.  Sacramento is located about 85 miles North by Northeast from San Francisco and about 120 miles Northeast from Silicone Valley.  

  • Weather:  Sacramento is right around sea level and it is below the snow line which means "No Snow" in the winter.  The Rain Season is from late October through March.  During the Spring & Summer Sacramento does not get any rain which means it relies on reservoirs to capture and hold enough water to get this region through very dry summers.  Temperatures from May through August can get into the low 100's with an average summer temperature around 97 degrees +/-.  Sacramento has 20+ day a year of temps over 100 and 30 to 45 days of temps from 90 to 99 degrees.

  • Highway system in the Sacramento area is fairly good but there are congestions during rush hours along all of the freeways.

  • East of Sacramento about 130+ miles along Hwy 50 is South Lake Tahoe which is split between California and Nevada.  South Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist attraction and the lake is surrounded by mountains and it is very beautiful.  There are Casinos on the Nevada side that attract visitors all year round.  It is a Great Sky Resort area with several sky areas

  • San Francisco & the Silicone Valley are easy one day round trip excursions but you can expect extremely heavy traffic during the commute hours.

  • Santa Cruz & Monterey are about 150 to 200 miles south, southwest of Sacramento on the coast of California.  I do not recommend one day round trips to these areas unless you like to drive and don't tire easily.  If you need to make hotel reservations just call Dennis at Easy Travel (732) 233-7711

  • Sacramento has a AAA Baseball Team called the River Rats.  They have a stadium located in West Sacramento.  You can buy tickets online through this website in the ticket section or Click Here.

  • Sacramento has a professional Basket Ball Team called the Kings and they are located in downtown Sacramento.  You can buy tickets online through this website in the ticket section or Click Here.

  • Folsom Lake is a recreational area 20 miles east of Sacramento off of Hwy 50.  It is a beautiful lake and a nice place to sit, relax and enjoy the environment.

  • Note:  There are several rivers and lakes scattered throughout this entire region.  Some areas allow boating and water skiing.  AAA members can check with local office or your local Chamber of Commerce to obtain information on these attractions.

  • School Rankings:  You can check on school rankings by using the following link.  You can search by zip code, city name or School name.  

  • Sacramento is a perfect location if you like to Snow Ski but you don't want to live in the snow.  Northern California has several top Snow Skiing locations.  Starting with 3 locations in the Lake Tahoe area, Donna Lake Ski Resort about 100+ miles north of Sacramento along Hwy 80, Mammoth Lakes is a major ski resort located in the Sierra Nevada mountains about 250 miles Southeast of Sacramento.

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Debbie Storey

Debbie Storey
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